Cynergy Property Management

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We are a vertically integrated owner/operator multi-family and commercial real estate firm via BIP’s majority ownership stake in Cynergy Property Management (CPM). As owners, we manage the property purchase life cycle from sourcing and data analytics to due diligence to closing and disposition. Upon property acquisition, a seamless transition process occurs encompassing the onboarding of the asset through leveraging the technology and expertise of our CPM platform.

As operators, we are afforded the opportunity for direct oversight of the transition process, onboarding, and eventual day-to-day asset management of the property. With immediate access to real-time data, ad hoc and scheduled reporting, and close communications with the operations team, owners are empowered with prudent, proactive decision-making rather than reactive contingency planning to steer the property towards optimal performance.

CPM also performs select third-party management as we have systems and ample back office bandwidth to provide an optimum level of service to owners whom rely on our vast expertise.

Advantages of the CPM vertically integrated platform:

Investor Alignment. We are all working toward the same defined investment goals. Our dollar is also on the line. Interests are fully aligned at all times through the investment life cycle.

Enhanced Controls. Gives us a distinctive edge and advantage over owners outsourcing their operations.

Hands-On Management. Management in real time via our PM software alerts us to issues before they become problems. We are extremely nimble on the income side, and we have acute control of expenses / strong incentive to avoid budget shortfalls.

Financial Reporting. Prepared by our seasoned in-house accountants, our financial reports are of the utmost quality, meticulously prepared on time, and include any reports our may investors require.

BIP considers CPM to be an integral element of a successful investment. Our veteran team supplies that piece of the puzzle.